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Hearing Clinic in Bessemer, AL Delves into 4 Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to anything having to do with health, you should never let your questions and concerns go unanswered or left to chance. A leading hearing clinic in Bessemer, AL is a believer in that statement and wants to help by providing answers to 4 frequently asked questions regarding hearing aids: 

  1. What should I do about wax build-up in my hearing aids? 

You will likely need to bring them to your hearing physician so that they can remove the wax for you. If you try to remove it yourself, depending on how much build-up your hearing aids have contracted, you may end up damaging your devices if you do not have the necessary hearing aid expertise. Also note- if you have excess wax in your ears, we recommend that you get them checked out and potentially cleansed by a professional.  

  1. Do Hearing Aids Actually Reverse Hearing Loss? 

The job of a hearing aid is to make sounds louder, as well as set sounds apart from one another. They cannot bring your hearing to a completely normal level, nor can they permanently improve your hearing ability. No matter how long a person has used hearing aids, they still only help when they are physically in the person’s ear. 

  1. My Hearing Aids Are Not Working! What Should I Do? 

Before you visit your local hearing physician in Bessemer, AL, there are a few steps you can take to see if you can fix them on your own. The first thing you should do is change the batteries. If that does not do the trick, make sure the microphone and receiver tube are not blocked with earwax or debris. If you do come across any minor buildups, you can clear it out with a cleaning brush. This will ensure that there is a direct pathway for sound to travel into your ear canal. At this point, if your hearing aids are still working improperly, it is time to schedule an appointment with your hearing physician.  

  1. Will Hearing Aids Get Rid of Background Noise? 

When you wear hearing aids, the background noise around you will not become completely non-existent. The available technology is not capable of doing so, but it is capable of giving hearing aids the ability to de-emphasize background noise. Many hearing aids can pick out speech from non-speech so that the user can more easily stay engaged in conversations, even if the environment around them is noisy.  

Hopefully, this information has furthered your knowledge of hearing health and hearing aids, giving you more confidence when it comes to making the best decisions for you or your loved ones! 

Beltone USA – Bessemer specializes in top of the line hearing aids with an emphasis on compassion and care. Our professionally trained Hearing Specialists strive to fit you with the best quality hearing aids to improve your quality of life. We offer FREE Hearing Screenings as well as lifelong cleanings and service on all of our hearing aids. If you are experiencing hearing loss, visit your local Beltone office in Bessemer, AL today. 

Beltone USA – Bessemer 
3985 Parkwood Rd #113 
Bessemer, AL 35022 
(205) 424-5330


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Beltone Hearing specializes in free hearing tests and hearing aid buying options. The office has caring hearing specialists whose priority is to fit you with the best hearing aids to better your quality of life. The staff at Beltone are high quality and trained to be the best specialists around. The hearing aids offered are also top quality for great prices. The staff continuously researches new products to offer the best and newest products for their clients. Hearing tests are offered for free and they are comprehensive and finish with a consultation with a professional. They offer many different varieties of hearing aids and they even help you decide what would be the best option for you. If you are having hearing trouble, be sure to visit the Beltone office in Bessemer, AL. Make sure to visit them today in their office in Bessemer, AL or their website On the site it gives the option to fill out a form for your free hearing test or you can call to schedule an appointment today. Beltone USA- Bessemer 3985 Parkwood Rd #113 Bessemer, AL 35022 (205) 424-5330

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