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Audiologist in Bessemer, AL Provides Answers to Three Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hearing Aids

When it comes time to introduce hearing aids to your everyday life, you may have a slew of questions whirling around in your mind. In hopes of putting your mind at ease, a leading audiologist in Bessemer, AL has put together a list of answers to three frequently asked questions:   

  1. Do Hearing Aids Use Replaceable Batteries?   

Yes, when your hearing aid batteries die, you can replace them with new ones. Fortunately, these replacement batteries are sold at almost any store that sells batteries. The batteries that hearing aids use are called “zinc-air.” You must not attempt to power your hearing aids with any other type of battery that is not specifically designed for hearing aids, such as a watch battery. Hearing aid batteries are designed and produced in a way that perfectly powers and protects the hearing aid. They possess a safety component that your hearing aids will lack if you power them with anything else.   

  1. If I have poor hearing in only one ear, will I need two hearing aids? 

If you only have hearing loss in one ear, then you likely only need to wear one hearing aid. The important thing is that both of your ears hear at the same volume and capacity. In other words, both of your ears’ hearing abilities need to match. Therefore, doctors suggest that if you possess hearing impairment in both ears, you utilize two hearing aids. However, some individuals attempt to save money by buying a single hearing aid for only one of their two damaged ears. This poses problems because the human hearing system is not meant to only hear through one channel. It is meant for binaural listening, which means you hear out of two ears. Therefore, if you have hearing loss in both ears, but only use one hearing aid, you will never be able to experience complete, proper hearing.   

  1. How Long is the Life of a Hearing Aid Before It Needs Replacing?   

Your hearing aids will likely last a good five to six years before action needs to be taken. At this point, you will probably need to get your hearing aids tuned up or replaced at a hearing clinic in Bessemer, AL, depending on how well they have aged. However, remember that five to six years is simply an estimate. If you want your hearing aids to last if they possibly can, make sure you take good care of them. Give them good, proper cleanings often, and always keep them away from their enemy– water. 

Beltone USA – Bessemer specializes in top of the line hearing aids with an emphasis on compassion and care. Our professionally trained Hearing Specialists strive to fit you with the best quality hearing aids to improve your quality of life. We offer FREE Hearing Screenings as well as lifelong cleanings and service on all of our hearing aids. If you are experiencing hearing loss, visit your local Beltone office in Bessemer, AL today. 

Beltone USA – Bessemer 
3985 Parkwood Rd #113 
Bessemer, AL 35022 
(205) 424-5330


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Beltone Hearing specializes in free hearing tests and hearing aid buying options. The office has caring hearing specialists whose priority is to fit you with the best hearing aids to better your quality of life. The staff at Beltone are high quality and trained to be the best specialists around. The hearing aids offered are also top quality for great prices. The staff continuously researches new products to offer the best and newest products for their clients. Hearing tests are offered for free and they are comprehensive and finish with a consultation with a professional. They offer many different varieties of hearing aids and they even help you decide what would be the best option for you. If you are having hearing trouble, be sure to visit the Beltone office in Bessemer, AL. Make sure to visit them today in their office in Bessemer, AL or their website On the site it gives the option to fill out a form for your free hearing test or you can call to schedule an appointment today. Beltone USA- Bessemer 3985 Parkwood Rd #113 Bessemer, AL 35022 (205) 424-5330

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