Hearing Physician in Bessemer, AL Answers 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Are you finding yourself having to say “what” a little too often for your taste? If your hearing has been diminishing, it may be time to invest in some hearing aids. A leading hearing physician in Bessemer, AL is here to answer a few common questions you may have: 

When Should You Get Hearing Aids?  

First, you need to figure out whether you even have hearing loss. The best way to do this is by visiting your local hearing physician to receive a hearing decide whether or not to recommend hearing aids.  

What are My Options When it Comes to Making a Purchase?  

There is not just one style of hearing aid. Everyone’s ears are different, so no single style is superior to the others. Take a look at these 3 different types of hearing aids, provided for you by a top audiologist in Bessemer, AL

  1. Completely in the Canal (CIC) 

This hearing aid will sit right inside your ear canal, which means it is not very visible, and it will not pick up much noise from the wind like other hearing aids tend to do. The downside, however, is that the small size of this hearing aid does not allow much room for special features. 

  1. In the Ear (ITE)  

This hearing aid is molded to the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear. Sometimes they fill the whole bowl, but sometimes just a part of it. This hearing aid is good for people with many different levels of hearing loss. While they do have a lot of room for special features, they tend to pick up a bit of wind noise.  

  1. Behind the Ear (BTE) 

Like the “in the ear” hearing aid, this one works for those with minor to severe hearing loss. They come in various sizes, each one containing the hearing aid part and an earpiece. The hearing aid connects to the earpiece via a tube. Also, like the “in the ear” hearing aids, the “behind the ear” style tends to pick up wind but has a lot of room for features. 

What Prevents Hearing Loss?  

There are a few measures you can take in order to avoid hearing loss. For example, one trick you can follow is the 60/60 rule. This rule has to do with earbuds. The danger of earbuds is that they are so close to your eardrum and can potentially cause hearing damage if you listen through them too often. This is where the 60/60 rule comes in – only listen through earbuds for up to 60 minutes a day at only 60% volume. Your ears will thank you for it!   

Beltone USA – Bessemer specializes in top of the line hearing aids with an emphasis on compassion and care. Our professionally trained Hearing Specialists strive to fit you with the best quality hearing aids to improve your quality of life. We offer FREE Hearing Screenings as well as lifelong cleanings and service on all of our hearing aids. If you are experiencing hearing loss, visit your local Beltone office in Bessemer, AL today. 

Beltone USA – Bessemer 

3985 Parkwood Rd #113 

Bessemer, AL 35022 

(205) 424-5330 


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Beltone Hearing specializes in free hearing tests and hearing aid buying options. The office has caring hearing specialists whose priority is to fit you with the best hearing aids to better your quality of life. The staff at Beltone are high quality and trained to be the best specialists around. The hearing aids offered are also top quality for great prices. The staff continuously researches new products to offer the best and newest products for their clients. Hearing tests are offered for free and they are comprehensive and finish with a consultation with a professional. They offer many different varieties of hearing aids and they even help you decide what would be the best option for you. If you are having hearing trouble, be sure to visit the Beltone office in Bessemer, AL. Make sure to visit them today in their office in Bessemer, AL or their website www.beltoneusa.com/. On the site it gives the option to fill out a form for your free hearing test or you can call to schedule an appointment today. Beltone USA- Bessemer 3985 Parkwood Rd #113 Bessemer, AL 35022 (205) 424-5330 http://www.beltoneusa.com/bessemer

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